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weave poles from A - Z (2 x 2 method)
Tricks & games for balance and coordination

The tricks that Mick is doing in this video are part of the agility foundation training for my dogs but they are well suited to any dog, any age and just for fun. Just use a box or stool that's suited for your dog's size, age and physical ability and you'll be fine. Most of all, have fun with it!



2o2o - two on two off contact training

 This video shows the basic steps to teach two on two off contacts for agility, starting with a nose touch to hand, then to target and progressing to the position on a stool and stairs, first stationary then with added motion (for adult dogs). The video is designed to teach the inital stages without using actual contact equipment and some maintenance for trialling dogs which can be done indoors during the (Alberta) winter months. Have fun with your dogs!


Building drive and value for jumps

Foundation games for distance training

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